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Our Gins and the botanicals that make them

Generation 11 Gin are typically made in the London Dry Style.  This means that they are distilled from grain neutral spirit with the finest natural ingredients and nothing is added posted distillation other than water.  This style is always colourless, dry (no sugar) and is the classic G&T gin.  The botanicals we use in our Sussex Dry Gins are outlined below - and always they are listed on every full size bottle!

Our flagship Sussex Dry Gin boasts 8 botanicals - less is more here!  Bold juniper and fresh citrus complemented by zesty english coriander upfront with warm spice from the cardamom and pepper.  Subtle lavender brings elegance to the Gin and gives good length. A modern classic, cocktail ready, brilliant in a Dry Martini or Negroni and just as great in a large G&T

Generation 11 – celebrating our heritage with great spiri

Picture Sullivan George

Our Botanicals 

We love Gin, so choosing botanicals for our own Gins was no easy task. We wanted to do something unique, but also wanted to have a range of Gins that were recognisably Gin (we like Juniper!). 

Our Gins are all made with a base of English Grain spirit - the perfect neutral base to showcase amazing botanicals in our Gins.

Our aim is to allow you to taste what goes in our Gins, no secret ingredients, no crazy botanicals, just Gin done brilliantly. We hope you agree.

Juniper – The backbone of Gin (In fact it can’t be called Gin unless there is juniper there) Ours is piney and peppery and prominent on the nose and palate of all our Gins.

Coriander Seed – Most Gins also contain coriander, gentle spice, warmth, citrus alongside juniper give the Gin its ‘Ginny flavour’ Our coriander is special – it is English, grown a few miles away from our distillery – we love that we can see it grow and smell the coriander leaves before it is harvested. English coriander is zesty and citrusy and adds a real zing to our Gin.

Angellica Root – Warming, earthy and binding, angellica gives lovely base notes to our Gin and holds the other spices in place.

Black Pepper – We love the bold spice that black pepper brings to our Gins, but there is also a lovely floral warmth to the pepper we use.

Cardamom – Spice, citrus, woody earthiness, cardamom gives Gin a lovely length and adds to the complexity of the citrus on the palate. See how the coriander comes alive with the addition of a premium tonic water.

Fresh Citrus – Citrus is another recipe staple for Gins, we use fresh lemon peel in our Sussex Dry and Orange and Grapefruit in our other Gins.  The citrus gives the Gin a natural sweetness and lovely nose. It also gives another level of interest on top of the citrus notes that come from the coriander and cardamom – delicious.

Lavender – The floral notes that come from the beautiful lavender that grows locally gives our gin a real elegance and cuts through the spice to give a lightness on the palate.  An ingredient in our Sussex Dry, lavender is carefully handled so as not to overpower the subtly of the other botanicals.

Orris – The mythical fixative – Orris gives a light floral and perceived sweetness to the finish of our Gin, and binds the other ingredients together to give perfect balance.

Generation 11 – Elegantly crafted gins with a distinguished heritage