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Tasting Notes

Generation 11 Sussex Dry 43% ABV - Our Award Winning flagship Sussex Dry Gin.  London Dry Style, juniper forward with zesty coriander and citrus followed by warming spice form the black pepper. Smooth finish with a hint of floral.

Generation 11 Overproof Gin 57% ABV - Our Award Winning Navy Strength Gin.  Bold Juniper and citrus at the fore, with soft spice notes coming through and complimenting the piney juniper.    Unbelievably smooth for a Navy strength - perfect cocktail Gin.

Generation 11 Orange & Cardamom Gin 41% ABV.  London Dry Style with all flavourings distilled into the Gin, no additional flavours or sweetness.  The juniper and spice are at the fore here, with big cardamom and black pepper softened by juniper and coriander seed.  Fresh orange gives a lovely balance to this more contemporary london dry style.

Generation 11 Grapefruit Gin 43% ABV.  Big citrus notes and hints of coriander alongside our trademark Juniper.  Deliciously refreshing and wonderful in a G&T or Elderflower collins.

Generation 11 Small Batch Vodka 40% ABV.  Double distilled and carbon polished, our small batch vodka is smooth and creamy, perfect for sipping or as a base in cocktails.  

Generation 11 Sloe Gin 29% ABV.  Made with our Sussex dry gin and locally foraged sloes with a third of the sugar of a regular sloe Gin.  Designed to be sipped, but also brilliant with tonic or topped up with sparkling wine.

Generation 11 Barrel Rested Gin #2.  Our award winning sussex dry gin rested in a ex-Sauternes wine barrel for a few months.  The result is a smooth, spice and dried fruit led sipper, vanilla and spice from the oak, juniper and dried fruit.  Sip in a brandy glass,  on the rocks or in a Martinez.